Cheryl Amyx Coaching

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Leave burnout behind and lead with confidence and passion


Do you want to:

  • Be an entrepreneur who is truly in alignment?

  • Rediscover your professional purpose and direction?

  • Become an empowered, confident, and respected leader?

  • Keep your body and mind fit and healthy?

Start saying “yes” to the things that you love to do?

My name is Cheryl Amyx and I’m an entrepreneur and ICF Certified Executive Coach. It’s my passion to help clients transform their businesses and create lasting change in their professional lives. 

It’s time to lead! Are you ready?


"Cheryl was a huge inspiration to our entire team. After spending a ton of time and money developing a vision and mission statement for our business, it somehow came out feeling flat. Cheryl came in to help us understand our big ‘why’ and rewrite a vision with passion. Now, we walk our talk!"

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My Services

Transformational Coaching

Here is a dirty little secret: most entrepreneurs struggle. It’s not an easy path! Even those in positions of power can be insecure, drowning in perfectionism, and afraid of failure to the point of paralysis.

As an entrepreneur, you need to know that you’re not alone. I can help you find freedom from these struggles and make a real impact in your chosen industry. With guaranteed results and a caring but honest demeanor, I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs onto the path of success. Now, it’s your turn!


The Alignment Cure

It’s Time to Reignite Delight!

Those entrepreneurs out there who can push past all obstacles and failures all have one thing in common: they are aligned in their purpose. Our personal and professional wellbeing is dependant on us being aligned, both in our goals and in ourselves. We will find the underlying issues that kept you out of alignment and point you in the right direction towards success.


Executive Coaching

Vision Mission and Why​

Executive Coaching is a productive way to share goals and ideas, find an accountability partner, and explore new and exciting options. The confidence you will develop in your decision-making ability will supercharge your clarity and drive. I can help you develop a vision and mission statement that celebrates your unique and passionate “why.”


Leadership Swag

Activate Your Power

Uncertainty is the enemy of any entrepreneur in a position of leadership. We will uncover the underlying fears that challenge your leadership style. This will transform you as a leader, pushing you to challenge outdated perspectives and embrace new ideas to build your leadership “swag.” Get ready to rise up and become the most effective and confident leader you can be.


From The Playground to The Boardroom

Transitioning From Home

The transition from being a stay-at-home mom to going back to work can be daunting and uncomfortable. We will work together to help you make the jump from the playground to the boardroom. By identifying and celebrating your strengths, focusing on rediscovering your purpose, and overcoming blocks to growth, you will return to your work with confidence and drive.

Packages are offered in 1 or 4-month increments. Executive Coaching requires a 2-month minimum.



We're A Good Fit If…

  • You are an innovative and ambitious entrepreneur who keeps marching forward with your “game face,” despite needing help. You have little time for self-care or the adventure you once craved.

  • You’re a nonconformist who needs help translating your big ideas into concrete steps and action plans.

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed, anxious or lonely. You could use a sounding board and trusted confidant to bounce ideas off, build courage, and gain momentum.

  • You’ve been away from your work due to childcare, but are ready to get your career back on track.

  • You could use an accountability partner to keep you focused on your purpose.

  • You’ve realized that running your own business is harder than expected. You thought you’d have more freedom and independence being an entrepreneur.

  • Work always feels like WORK, with high levels of stress and without any joy or creativity.